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We believe education in an important element in order to succeed in business.  As the owner of Luminous Blooms, I am always seeking ways to deepen my skill in floristry and in the business.  Whether it be listening to a podcast, mentoring others, teaching, flowers for a wedding, urban farming, attending a workshop; there is always some form of education I pursue to advance my skill.  

Since I so heavily believe education is the key for floral success,  I created this EDUCATION page to further help you in your floristry skills.  I remember when first starting off, I had so many questions and I didn't know where to start.  Here you will find videos created to guide you in your floral arrangements.  You will find links and sources of great products we use to help with the success of our business.  You will also find various templates or tutorials for purchase, priced at a very low cost, to help you run your florist business efficiently and successfully.  We have priced these incredibly low because we believe education is important and we know so is business budgeting. Enjoy. 

Dolores, Owner & Creative Lead

Quick & Important Resources for the Successful Florist



Resources to Look Up and Find Flowers

Sierra Flower Finder


Flower Color Guide Book by Putnam



Chicago Flower Wholesale Markets (because we are from Chicago)

Tried and true flower wholesale we have purchased from in the Chicago Area. Must carry and sign up with a resale license to purchase. 

Bill Doran (Flowers and Hard Goods)

Kennicott Brothers (Flowers and Hard Goods)

Online Flower Wholesale Market


Additional Hard Goods Resources

Floral Frogs

Artificial Flowers & More

Specialty Ribbon

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