Let's Be Real

Let's Be Real

So I have decided it's that time. Time to start a blog. I want my blog to be real though, well as real as I can be without stepping on any toes. I am not going to post perfect posts. I am going to be real y'all. I'm tired of the perfect posts. Life is not perfect. In fact as my father has said it, "Life is tough". Yes, life is tough but I'd like to think with Jesus I will get through it.

So, first a little bit about myself. I am a Christian and I love Jesus. It is my life and my passion. Next, I am married and have a miracle child. She was born after 10 years of trying to concieve. I am blessed with an amazing hubby and my child is pretty darn cool. Next, I arrange flowers out of my home for weddings and events. I do have one office I arrange for (I wish there were more offices I could arrange for in the vicinity of that office) and I am Mrs. Chatty Kathy when the front desk gal (Diane) is in. The woman is the sweetest woman I have ever met in my life. I've always loved flowers. I grew up with parents who taught me how to garden. They used to live on a farm in Romania. My dream job was to be a manager at Lutheran General Flower Shop but life took me on a different journey. I began to work in legal in the mall industry. I am so glad I did. The experienced I gained in the legal field is definitely essential to my everyday flower life. Although, exposure to the legal life was very educational, it was also very boring. My personality is such that I NEED variety. So I began to pursue my flower dream. Having a flower business does entail much variety. There are so many aspects to the business. It is great! I love it!!!!!! My story is very long on how it all got started but thanks to my strong headed, confident sister, Amanda, I started my own flower business. I couldn't have done it without her. She is very confident and let's just say I needed a boost of confidence. I would take on one or two weddings per year and work my full time legal job as well. I did realize quickly that I needed more experience so I asked a flower shop in downtown Chicago if I could pay them to train me. They graciously accepted. I also began to work for another florist in Chicago as well. I gained lots of experience and exposure to the wedding industry through her. I was so immersed in my Romanian community, believe it or not, I did not even know how American weddings are. I began purchasing flowers and arranging them in my spare time. I was so desperate to get as much practice in as I could and then I would photograph my work. Kudos to my talented sister Amanda once again. She taught me some tips and tricks with photography. Although, I might take a class soon at Oakton Community College.

Eventually, I was burned out working a full time job and doing florals on the side and my hubby and I decided to take a 6 month mission trip to Belize and China. Once we got back to Chicago my goal was to focus solely on flowers. That year (2015) I had 10 weddings booked and I was super excited. I once remember asking my flower rep (from the flower market) a stupid flower question and he laughed at me. Boy did that rep quickly get switched out. I now work with a great floral rep who rarely makes any mistakes and 99% of the time gets me amazing flowers. It is a blessing.

My story goes on and on from there. Last year we worked on 28 weddings. This year we are scheduled to work on 28 weddings again. I've had fantastic brides to not the best brides. Most of them have been sincerely fantastic. In September I became a Chapel Designer. In other words, it is a floral sisterhood association. It is fantastic and challenging as well. It's a whole new world into the floral industry. In November I'm attending another floral workshop in Detroit. My goal is to attend at least one workshop per year. I also want to take a calligraphy class and provide a little bit of extra specials for my brides. Ok. I'm done now. For the sake of keeping this blog post real I'm going to post pics of some of my first pieces. Please, remember that everyone must start somewhere in order to gain experience. <3


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