10 countries. 40 days. Two toddlers. My husband and I.

How was it traveling with two little ones? We were just fine and had fun. It is all about perspective. It really is. Yes, we had additional luggage. Yes, we had car seats and strollers. Yes, we have to wait in lines and lug everything with us. Yes, there were car rides that lasted 4 to 6 hours. Yes, children cry in the car and diaper changes are needed. It is all part of the traveling. This hasn't been our first trip traveling with our little ones. In fact, we've been traveling with them ever since they were about 3 months, so we do have some experience under our belts.

When traveling with toddlers:

Don't overpack. Especially if it is a country where there are unlimited resources available. Most everyone sells diapers, wipes and fruit pouches.

When booking flights, find tickets that fly out later in the morning or early afternoon. I prefer my children to be well rested in the morning and if I can take advantage of flying on nap time, then that is perfect. Beware though, sometimes they might skip that afternoon nap because they are too excited to fly. If flying internationally, certain flights offer bassinets for infants. This didn't work out to well with our one year old. The bassinet was a small confined space and he had nowhere to turn.

There will be extra luggage. It's no big deal. Just deal with it. We personally like having our children strapped in a stroller or car seat while walking through the airports. It gives us the opportunity to move faster through lines as well as make sure our children our safe. We usually have one child in a stroller and the other child buckled into their car seat attached to a car seat travel cart.

Pack new toys in your carry on to give to the child while on the plane or on the road. This helps keep the child preoccupied as well as helps you relax a little bit.

Remain calm even if the children are crying and tired. My children are great traveling children. To be honest, if I had a child that was very active, I'm not sure we would be traveling so often. There was one moment with our little one was tired of his car seat. I let him watch a cartoon on the IPAD. We aren't parents that allow much screen time for our children but there will be instances when it will just have to be utilized.

When driving over 4 hours, make sure to drive during nap times. If your child naps for two hours, then you only have to deal with 2 hours awake time in the car.

Travel with a BABYBJORN Travel Crib Light if your luggage permits. This travel crib is absolutely fantastic. We take our travel crib everywhere. Also, we do have an additional padded bag to protect our stroller when traveling. Airlines don't care to carefully handle baby gear. I highly suggest investing in a good padded traveling bag to protect strollers and car seats.

Enjoy every moment. A wise friend once told us that traveling opens the mind of little children. They get to see things that they usually don't see back home. It is such a great opportunity to educate our little ones and provide them with firsthand experience, so just enjoy it. After all, you are on vacation.

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